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I’m a self-proclaimed “email geek” because I live and breathe email. I love to nerd out over analytics and have been working on email programs since 2012. 

I work with small to medium e-commerce businesses that are ready to scale but don’t have the resources to hire a full-time, in-house email specialist. 

Primarily, I am an email consultant. I’ll advise on best practices for deliverability, frequency of campaigns, and most importantly, how to turn your subscribers into paying customers. 

While most consultants come and go for a gig, I pride myself on being with clients for many years. My long-term relationships have allowed me to support my clients through all stages of their business and email program. 

I’ve started programs from scratch with zero contacts and also managed mature programs with 250,000+ contacts that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year through email alone. 

I can support a variety of email platforms, but I specialize and am certified in Klaviyo and Mailchimp. 

When I am not building or analyzing email funnels, I spend time with my husband, two kids, and a hyper puppy. 

xo Lauren

Specializing in Mailchimp & Klaviyo

How It All Happened

It never crossed my mind to have my own business. It all started when a friend needed an email strategist for her clients. After many months of thinking about it and knowing my health was on the line, I took the plunge. I am proud to say the leap of faith I took allowed me to get my health back in order (I have been living with lupus since 2013), and I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

In 2014, I started LJ Strategies, LLC, but pivoted to what you know as Lauren Jean in 2023. Why? LJ Strategies didn’t quite articulate the human-centered approach I bring to email marketing. If you are looking for a genuine and skilled email consultant, let’s connect! 

Josie Luedeke

Meet my loyal office companion, Josie. You’ll undoubtedly see her cutely hanging around in the background of our video calls. I apologize in advance if she barks…she likes to say hi! 

Facts About Me

• I have a twin sister that I am often mistaken for

• My goal is to visit all of the U.S. National Parks

• My favorite movement activities are hiking, yoga, gardening, and stand-up paddle-boarding 

• I am a bookworm and love to read every day

• My dog is a true velcro Vizsla; she sticks to me like glue

These values guide me every day, both professionally and personally. 

My Values


My business is built on an honest foundation. I strive to cut out all the noise you find on the internet and provide you with only what you need to know to grow your business. Sometimes that means being frank, and I’m not afraid to tell you what I think. 


I only support the growth of businesses I believe in. Shared values are important to me, and I ensure each client is a good fit before we begin working together. Empathy, honesty, and kindness are always at the forefront of my communication style, and I believe in building partnerships where we don’t need to read between the lines. 


Since 2014 I have managed, created, and implemented thousands of email marketing campaigns for various e-commerce businesses. I retain clients for an extensive period to help businesses grow at every stage. As the world of email marketing has evolved, so have my strategies. I’ll provide the most up-to-date, tailored information for your business and vision. 


My focus is on people first and foremost. I love working with individuals from all walks of life. Whether providing a user-friendly training experience or getting to know you one on one, I’m committed to equality and to being genuine, hands-on, and human.

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